Our Story

Robin Bettencourt, a life-long New Hampshire native, has lived in the most beautiful parts of our state. While in the breathtaking White Mountain region, she took the advice of a transplanted Seacoast native who convinced her to move to Portsmouth. The Portsmouth she put roots down in were still mostly fishermen, artists and no one had heard of condos. She knew she had found home.

Growing up, Robin learned various sewing techniques from her grandmother and mother.  During their sewing sessions, they told her stories of her great aunts who were designers of intricate gowns and custom wedding dresses.  Many of her school days ended with her coming home to stitch up a new outfit for the next day.

Today Robin designs out of her studio in the historic Button Factory in Portsmouth, NH. The Factory is home to many a well known local artists ranging from painters to jewelers to fine woodworkers. Robin specializes in women’s clothing accessories such as cowls, hats, scarves, bags and custom designs.

Why accessories? Because you can always find something that will fit and that will make and bring polish to your look that makes you feel good about yourself - no matter your size or shape: Robinswoods Design will make your look unique.

Button Factory